About Us

Where We Are and How We Got Here

Where we are…

Tower Base Inc. is a 35-year-old tower service company. Today we limit our scope of services to inspections only. Why? Because it’s the only way to assure the one thing you want in an inspection company: OBJECTIVITY.

We don’t inspect our own work, as some-time inspectors do. We don’t compete with, partner with, or are beholden to any company whose work we do inspect. Furthermore; on-site repairs are limited to fixes of those items that are jeopardizing public safety or the integrity of the RF system…and we get no additional money for those. Given these self-imposed parameters, we have no reason to find faults that don’t exist or ignore those that do. Our purpose is to provide to managers who don’t travel and don’t climb an objective, accurate, and complete representation of the condition and composition of the elevated assets they manage.

How we got here…

Tower Base was founded in 1984 by communications veteran Greg Kozisek.

At that time Mr. Kozisek had 14 years experience as a tower climber, crew foreman, and manager in the tower service industry. Tower Base operated regionally providing maintenance and tower erection services for nearly all of its first ten years.

Beginning in 1993…

Tower Base recognized the need for a digital information system to manage inspection and inventory data. Tower and site inspection had always been an important part of Tower Base operations, but the continued expansion of cellular systems and the construction of new PCS systems demanded better ways of gathering and organizing increasingly large volumes of information.

By 1998…

Tower Base was focused exclusively on the inspection of PCS, cellular, and microwave networks and the accompanying information management systems. Always leveraging the latest technology, Tower Base created several iterations over two decades of what are now Site Auditor OnSite™ and Site Auditor OnLine™

Site Auditor OnSite™

& Site Auditor OnLine™ 

Today, Tower Base continues to lead development of inspection tools and services for the communication tower and site management industry, while still performing the inspections ourselves.

Site Auditor OnSite™

Site Auditor OnSite™ is the proprietary on-site mobile application used to guide the inspection and manage data entry into a multiuser database.

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We collect data using smart phones and our proprietary mobile app, Site Auditor OnSite™ designed specifically for the inspection of communication towers. For each combination of client and inspection type, we set up the app to include the relevant parameters, including inspection standards, inventory attribute values, and required photography. Also included, by default, are the EIA/TIA Annex J standards.
We also built in a system of data checks to alert the inspectors to photos not yet taken, missing attribute values, and, to some extent, unreasonable values, like an azimuth of 400 degrees. We train each inspector – two to a crew, one climbing and one on the ground – to start their half of the inspection in the same place, proceed through the same steps on each structure type, and end by running data checks. This combination of tools and process are the best you can do to assure data collections is complete and accurate.

Site Auditor OnLine™

Site Auditor OnLine™ is a browser-based Portal application used for viewing, printing, and distributing the information gathered with Site Auditor OnSite™.

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With Site Auditor OnLine™ assets, property values, faults, and photos are all gathered in a single database and are accessible to anyone with permission to see it. The information we gather through inspections is used by Operations, Construction, RF Engineering, Real Estate, Accounting, and Compliance Assurance departments and individuals. Distributing single-site reports on CD/DVD would be problematic in itself, and trying to transfer 200 photo files via the internet even worse.
In Site Auditor OnLine™ the photos appear with the related information, available to anyone with access and a internet connection. Use the built-in application tools, find the data you want, and the photos are a click away.

Meet the Principals

Greg Kozisek


Chris Hinkle

VP of Field Operations

Our 35-Year History of Clients Include: