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As much as we would like to, Tower Base doesn’t have the capacity to inspect every tower in the country. So, we are offering the tools we have developed to other inspection companies and tower owners. Our inspection and repair mobile apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store and they interact automatically with the online application. We can host the online application to simplify things for you, or our IT professionals ( can install and configure the application and database onto your on-premise servers. We highly recommend allowing Agilx to host the application and database in their secure and redundant cloud environment powered by Microsoft Azure, but ultimately it’s up to you.

Site Auditor OnSite™ – On-Site Inspection App

A Tower Base “inspection” includes two families of information: 1) Inventory – the answer to “What all is here?”, and 2) Faults – the answer to “What’s wrong with it?” We cut our inspection time in half using this app

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We designed the app to accommodate the inspectors’ estabished methods rather than dictate the process through software design. We made it easy to move back and forth from inventory to faults.

We build in data checks that notify the inspectors of missing photos and inventory property values.

The app automatically resizes photos, links each to an asset or fault, gives it a caption, and then uploads to Site Audtor OnLine™.

The Site Audtor OnSite™ app has reduced our on-site time by about half and eliminated all after-hours paperwork. Because, when it comes to making money on inspections, it’s all about sites per day. 

Site Auditor Repair™ –  On-Site Repair App

If you do repairs as part of your inspection, or as a follow-up repair contractor, this app will save lots of time both for the office and on-site crews.

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Outside of loading the truck, there is no preparation required to go do inspection list repairs. When on site, simply download the fault list to your smart phones. You’ll have all the information you need to find and repair each item, including photos taken by the original inspector.

You can change the fault status from “no repair” to “full repair”, describe the repair method, and take after-repair photos.

If you are inspecting and performing repairs simultaneously, just switch between the two apps to record both before and after condition and photos.


Site Auditor OnLine™ –  Internet Database App

Compare the utility of multiple site-by-site reports to a database…there is no comparison

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Site Auditor OnLine™ is for the end user’s benefit.

Inside the database are combined all faults for the entire system and all assets for the entire system. This allows the user to quickly get answers to questions like… 

What sites have lighting system faults?

What sites have microwave installed?

What faults can site techs fix – say under 15 feet?

Where are there structure faults with urgency of “immediate”?

The list is virtually limitless and requires no programming skills.

The tower owner or carrier can also use Site Audito OnLine™ to restrict or edit what gets to the repair app and therefore to the repair contractor. You can disregard faults (they won’t show in the repair app); and you can prescribe repair methods which do show in the repair app.

From the inspection company’s standpoint, Site Auditor OnLine™ allows a layer of editing between the field and the client. Data is uploaded real time from tower site to web site but is not initially visible to the client. Inspection company personnel can then review and edit before publishing to the client.

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