Who Relies on Us

Tower Space Brokers / Wireless Carriers / Microwave System Owners

Tower Space Brokers Use Our Data

Operations managers for tower owners seek assurance that their structures have survived previous environmental conditions and are prepared to survive the next. Tower Base provides that assurance through EIA/TIA maintenance inspections as well as inspection of your tenants' attachments.

Tower Base can provide post-construction/install/upgrade inspections. If the site is new, we will compare the structure, as built, to the design drawings and also note if the construction deviates from industry-accepted standards by applying EIA/TIA standards. We also inspect new lessor installations and upgrades to make sure they were installed as designed and according to industry standards and practices.

We will verify structure height, operation and height of lighting fixtures, overall height of appurtenances, visibility of lighting, obstruction marking and signage to comply with FAA & FCC.

Our inspections can be used to verify your lessors’ equipment for billing purposes. We’ll record antenna heights, quantity, line counts, line sizes, etc. and will link them to specific lessors. Your accounting team can use the information to verify accuracy of invoicing.

As part of your inventory we can create an asset called “available space” with a lower and upper height. When a potential lessor is looking for space, your real estate team can search the database based on geographical location and height.

Wireless Carriers Use Our Data


It is a trend in the industry for wireless carriers to sell their support structures to tower space brokers like Crown Castle, SBA, ATC, and others. Although no longer responsible for the support structure itself, carriers want to know that their elevated assets were installed in compliance with engineering drawings. Tower Base will compare "as built" to the drawings and point out any discrepancies, and also assure that the workmanship is consistent with industry practices. 

Operations, system performance, network assurance. Whatever the name, someone is responsible to see that tower-mounted RF assets remain secure and functioning properly. Tower Base's experienced, qualified inspectors can spot both current and potential problems, and using Tower Base tools, will present the information in a format that can be edited, updated, and tracked through the process of improvement.

RF engineers spend most of their time in the inventory portion of the Tower Base database. Whether confronted with a subscriber complaint, or designing an upgrade, the first thing an engineers needs is knowledge of what currently exists. That is the information Tower Base supplies.

When a carrier receives an invoice for leased space from a tower space broker, a quick search of the Tower Base database can confirm or refute the accuracy of the bill. 

Microwave System Owners Use Our Data


Railroads, pipelines, public utilities. Microwave system operators, as tower owners, hire Tower Base to assure compliance with TIA standards. In addition to TIA compliance, regular maintenance inspections and adjustments will keep your dishes on path and data flowing reliably. We can also tweak path alignment while on site. 

You may now have wireless carrier tenants on your towers. A post-install inspection can verify both the components of the installation, (i.e. number and type of antennas, lines, etc.) and the integrity of the installation. Was it built according to design drawings and consistent with industry practices? These inspections are often contractually required by the tower owner at the tenant’s expense.

Microwave towers generally have a lot of attractive space for wireless carrier tenants. When Tower Base does an inspection, we’ll create assets called “available space” for each site. In our database this becomes a searchable item. So, when a potential tenant contacts you asking where you have space, a quick search of our database will produce a list of sites, heights, etc. We also add to the database information that you, as tower owner, need to create an invoice for leased space.